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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V7 #190

email @ redacted writes:
>I am currently a pump wearer and my neighbor has a son who is very 
>interested in using a pump. He has been a diabetic since age 9.  
>However he has numerous questions about his occupation as a 
>construction worker and the use of a pump.  Can anyone offer him some 
>advice? Is it unrealistic for him to consider using a pump?
>Thanks for your help.

  I know my Endo who first introduced me to the pump told me about a patient she
had who was a young man and worked as a plumber who had gotten alot of benefit
out of pumping. Part of the story included how his non waterproof pump survived
 in a ziploc bag. I don't think he was ever real careful with it but it never
got damaged. I think any one who wants to pump can make it work.
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