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Re: [IP] Re: to answer your questions

In Utah you have to have a doctor sign a paper saying that you are in
control of your diabetes.  If you do not get it signed by your doctor and
turned in they will suspend your license.  When my sister moved to St. Louis
she said that she no longer has to do this, but she had to inform UT that
she no longer lived in the state so that they would not suspend her MO
license for failure to turn in the paper.

It also has options for other things on it like Cardio-vascular, neurologic,
Epilepsy, Learning Memory, Alertness & Sleep Disorders.  The Dr. marks what
you have and then how long you can go before filling out another one of
these Usually every year.  Depending on your control the Dr. can have you do
this every 3 mo, 6 mo, 1 yr, 4 yrs, or NO DRIVING because of lack of

The only time they check it is if they have to run your DL for being pulled
over or accident.  Hope this information helps.


> Debra,
> I was not aware of any states with the 100 law.  In Ohio, a doctor must sign
> off on your ability to drive.  Mine had to sign off for two years before the
> state decided I didn't need any further notes from the doctor.
> I guess one way to check would be to test someone's blood if they had been
> involved in an accident.  Like DUI, your intent would not be important.  The
> only important thing would be you BSL.
> I tested before driving yesterday and I was at 52!  I didn't feel like
> anything was wrong, but I did take some glucose tabs before heading out.
> Good blood sugars to you!
> Chris
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