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[IP] Paradigm battery life

         Hi, all you Paradigm users. I use the Rayovac Maximum Plus 
batteries in my pump and Im at 6 WEEKS so far!!!! This is the best battery 
EVER!!!! Also, Im a test subject for a company here in Tempe/Candler called 
Synsus Medical. There are links from IP to get to there website. They are 
coming up with a device that measures BG with light instead of blood. And I 
get $150.00 per day, but anyway, I use a small hand-held RCA tv that uses 3 
AA batteries, If I use Eveready batteries, they are dead in 2 hrs. My 
Rayovacs last ALL day. Try them and see what you think. Rayovac also makes 
357 batteries for other pumps.....Take Care All!!!!....Bill in Az....

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