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Re: [IP] DST and Lancet Change Reminder

>> From recent posts I suspect there are more than a 
>> few of us on the list who still possess a healthy 
>> sense of humor about needles, i.e., changing 
>> lancets only a few times per year. Very funny! :-) 

This isn't a joke for me...  if someone didn't remind
me to change that darn thing - I'd never do it!  The
current one has been there since [she thinks for a
while] I can't remember.  At least since Christmas
time.  Maybe before?  

In my 31+ years - I've never had an infection
(bacterial or otherwise) from reusing the lancet
device.  Neither did I ever have any kind of infection
from using the same syringe over and over and over and
over and over again (I was on MDI beginning in the

I appreciate the reminder - now if I can just remember
where I keep those darn annoying little boxes of
lancets that are useless...

-gail in denver
Dx'd T1 02/14/72 @ age 11.  Pumping since 1985-ish.

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