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Re: [IP] DST Change and Quarterly Lancet Change Reminder

Helpful hints learned from a CDE when she taught me how to check BGLs: You 
can tell when a lancet change is due because you will "feel a thud instead of 
a stick"--and "use the sides, not the tips, of your fingers" (fewer nerve 
endings; less pain). I use an Accu-Chek and find this "thud" rule means 
changing lancets about once daily (or every 6-8 checks). From recent posts I 
suspect there are more than a few of us on the list who still possess a 
healthy sense of humor about needles, i.e., changing lancets only a few times 
per year. Very funny! :-) OTOH, the Girl Scout in me shudders at the very 
thought! Pounding your fingers with a dull lancet???? Risking bacteria 
buildup over weeks and months at a time???? Eeeewwww! Ouch!
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