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[IP] Crazy Boluses - MM phone call

 OK well I phoned MM and after 5minutes on hold and 20minutes of trouble
shooting they made me set my clock ahead one hour and I have to monitor it
closly for the next few days to see that it doesn't do it again - we norrowed it
down to my changing the clock ahead LAST saturday night at like 11:45 and then
resetting it in the am when I realised it wasn't daylight savings!!! NOT my
fault my friend miss informed me! Anyways she said that changing the time
shouldn't do that and that I need to monito it. I said ok no problem. I did have
to read EVERYTHING from my paradigms memory - all the boluses, basals, primes,
daily totals and so on.

 She did ask me like 3 times if I was comfortable doing this( setting it ahead
and waiting to see if it was ok) I have the feeling if I said no I'd have a new
pump(refurbished) here tomorrow. I got no propblem with it just wanted to make
sure they new what was happening. I also told them about my week of highs -
which started on that date and that my new insulin solved it and that even shots
on the old insulin didn't bring me down. I wanted to make sure they new just
incase - becaue its just too many weird things to happen all at once!!

 Any ways I am off to bed cause I am going to lose an hours sleep tonight ( for
real this time!!)

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm
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