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Re: [IP] Tubing Length

> I'm about to start pumping and have a question on tubing length.  I can
> see your choices are anywhere from 23" to 43".  Would any care to
> comment on their experiences.  Thanks

This is really one of those situations where YMMV.  What works for you won't
work for the next guy (or gal!).  I have always used the 43 in. tubing and
never had any desire for anything different.  I can set the pump down, use
the bathroom with it attached to my pants, even drop it and have it hit the
floor, all with it still safely attached to my middle.

I have tried the 31 in. length, and felt that *that* was too short.  (23
inches sounds nightmarishly short, IMHO!)  When I lowered my pants to go to
the restroom (I normally don't invite 4000 other people to accompany me
there!) I couldn't let the pants completely drop, because I kept the pump in
my left pocket and had my site on my right backside.  It was inconvenient.

There are varying lengths of tubing because everybody is different.  Many
women wear their pump in their bra, and my guess is that women like that
often prefer shorter tubing.  Where you put it in you and where you keep the
pump are all relevant, and for that reason, you'll probably have to try it
all out for yourself to know what you prefer.  Never the less, listening to
us and our reasons may clue you in as to who you more readily relate with,
so your question was certainly worthwhile.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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