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Re: [IP] Fruit with breakfast

>    >Glycemic index is what we used before we had carb counting. The
>    carbs in a
>  >food the us How Much some thing will raise our bg, the glycemic
>  index 
> tells us
>  >How Fast some thing will raise our blood sugar. For example a
>  piece of white >bread has a
> --so, the next question is, is "gycemic index" obsolete, in leu of
> carb counting, or does it still have value ?

The carb counting and "glycemic" index measure two different things.

Counting carbs tells you how much energy a particular food contains 
and thus how much insulin you may need in order to properly 
metabolize it. 

Glycemic Index is a measure of the "rate" at which the carbs are 
converted into glucose and thus the time at which you will need the 
insulin. For example, glucose tabs have a very high GI, whereas a 
something like whole grain cereal would have a much lower GI. A 
similar low GI food would be our good friend "pizza" or "chinese 
food" where the carbs are mixed with a lot of fat that slows 
digestion and may require the insulin to be spread over several extra

A good source of information about Glycemic Index can be found at the 
bottom of the Insulin Pumpers FOOD page ..... Rick Mendosa's GI 


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