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[IP] Re: Paradigm Infusion Sets

<I was thinking about trying a different kind but was unsure of which kind.
We are happy with the quick-sets (except for reconnection sometimes) but
didn't know if there was one that everyone liked better. >

Shawna, I use both the Quick-Set and the Silouette with my MM Paradigm pump:
It depends where the site is.  If I'm using my upper abdomen or belly, I use
the Silouette because I can actually see what I'm doing and there isn't much
fat. The Silouette is flatter against the body and disconnects quite easily.
(btw the Sil-Serter is a torture device.  I bruised myself several times
with that item. I thought of asking a friend to shoot the Sil-Serter from
across the room as I jumped into the path of the flying sillouette but,
alas, I found that manual insertion works just fine.)
I use the Quick-Set on my hips, buttocks and anywhere I can't see so well or
have trouble getting to.  The set is more of a bump on the body and, as
you've seen, the disconnect can be troublesome.  (I don't disconnect very
often.  I use the long tube and hang the pump in one of those cloth curtain
rod hangers when I shower.)
The Quick-Serter works great. Both sets are comfortable.

Lee at Mt. Shasta - dxd 1971 - Paradigm Pumping since 4/02
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