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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V7 #188

email @ redacted writes:
> I have finally thrown in the towel. I accept that Joshua's numbers will never
>be "within range" for an extended period of time. I would have to put him in a
>bell jar with the same diet, amount of exercise, & NO growing up! because
>hormones & puberty will affect his bg levels. Is that a life?
> We treat him one number at a time, one day at a time. What works for him,
 >doesn't work for another. What works once, doesn't work the next. I'm
 >I just live through one number & then go on to the next. It's the best I can

  I have to say I have the highest respect for the parents of pumpers. I know
how hard my parents had to work when I was diagnosed at the age of seven, so I
am always extra impressed by the parents of preschoolers with D. Who manage to
care for a
 child who is too young to help them with any of it. When I was a teenager I
used to get mad at my dad for all of the involvement he wanted to have in my
diabetes care, when I would have rather been more independent. But now when I
look back as a
 young adult I can see how luck I was to have his help, and I'm grateful because
he did so much for me.
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