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Re: [IP] Re: to answer your questions

> In reference to the comment abt DUI for insulin: My CDE recently shared
> she had heard that some states have made it illegal for people with D to
> drive with a BGL below 100. For this reason, she suggested it is important
> always test before driving. Does anyone know if this is, in fact, true? If
> so, which states have declared this illegal--and how do they prove you
> consciously breaking the law?

I am not certain of the specific law, but when I lived in Oklahoma, laws
were pretty restrictive for diabetics getting a driver's license there.  I
had to get a doctor to sign off that I was healthy enough to drive once a
year and had to sign a statement that I would always keep a quick source of
sugar in the car with me when I drove.

My endo there was trying to get the law changed, because she (a diabetic
pumper herself) thought it was discrimination.  Not about keeping a source
of sugar with you -- that is important (though I don't see why Uncle Sam
needs to be checking up on us about it) but the doctor thing.  It was

And just because you are "fit to drive" in the doctor's office doesn't mean
you will be two hours later, or whenever the form gets where it needs to go
with the DMV.  That's the nature of diabetes.  Blood sugars are always
rising and falling.  So who thought up all that legal red tape, I don't
know, but I doubt it was anyone who knew much about diabetes.

Again, I didn't say it was illegal to drive while below 100 in Oklahoma.  I
just laws regarding driving and diabetes were rather restrictive there.
Hopefully, that's changed.  I moved away from there in May or June of '95.
If someone knows something more current about the laws regulating driving in
Oklahoma, please fill us in.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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