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Re: [IP] Re: Quarterly Lancet Change Reminder

> Not to sound like a nag, but changing lancets only 4 x per year really
> healthy!  Bacteria grows on those things and then when you put it into
> skin the bacteria goes into your skin no matter how clean your finger is.
> And the duller the needle the more it will hurt.  Statistically it's
> half as sharp the second time you use it...so how sharp is it 2 months
> later?  A nurse told me all this, it's not like I'm reading the back of a
> lancet box.

When I came home from the hospital following my diagnosis, I started reusing
my lancets.  I got the idea from the medical personnel there, who told me
that it really wasn't necessary to change every time, as they do in the

I don't know how often I change, but it is more than four times a year.  I
change it whenever I think it might be getting dull.

And since I've never had an infection, and I'm the only person whose germs
are getting on those lancets, I'll take my chances.  I'll try to let you
know if I get an infected finger from the practice, however!  (Why fix what
hasn't been broken in eighteen years?)

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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