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Re: [IP] Re: Morning Highs before breakfast

> I
> have been having unexplained lows at work the last 3 days.  I went in
> at 188 but did not do a correction bolus.  Two hours later I was scarfing
> down glucose tabs--5 of them.  I still felt funny so I ate a pack of
> butter crackers.  I was only 87 when I left work 2 hours after eating the
> crackers.

Is there something in the air?  Several days this week, I've had a number of
unexplained lows, one after the other.  For a while, I even backed off my
basals to compensate.  Like you, I would treat the low, have something to
eat, and still be low or close to it the next time I checked.

And, no, I don't think a different pump with a different way of
administering basals is the cause, because the problem first began while I
was on my 507.

I'm not ready to believe that my basal rates need a permanent change, at
least not yet.  When I started nursing my daughter, my insulin needs went
down.  She's nearly a year old now, and my insulin needs started rising
again in the last couple of months.  I initially wondered (when these lows
started) if maybe she was nursing more than usual, causing the lows, but I
don't know.  I just don't expect my insulin needs to drop in the near future
because she is eating more solid foods.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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