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[IP] Fruit with breakfast

email @ redacted writes:
>The glycemic index is some sort of measurement for foods that have sugar in
>them. I am sure you can information about it on our IP website - because
>people talk about it. I know our local bookstore has them too but I haven't
>gotten "around tuit" (an old joke about a wooded "round tuit" coin to give
>when somebody asks you to do something - they give you this wooded coin to
>remind you to do it). Anyway that is what is up about the glycemic index - I
>think you look at the # of carbs in food plus the amount of sugars per
>serving - it is good to stay within the lower number of sugar so that your
>BG doesn't shoot too high. I hope that helps. Sharon B

  Glycemic index is what we used before we had carb counting. The carbs in a
food the us How Much some thing will raise our bg, the glycemic index tells us
How Fast some thing will raise our blood sugar. For example a piece of white
bread has a
 very high glycemic index so it will raise your bg faster than a slice of whole
wheat bread, but it has less carbs than the whole wheat bread so it will not
raise the blood sugar as much in the long run. The reason the whole wheat bread
takes longer
 to raise the blood sugar is it takes the body more time to break it down and
convert it to glucose.
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