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[IP] Cosmo trial

email @ redacted writes:
>I do like the Cozmo figuring doses for me, etc., but I think I could have
>some of that help using that palm pilot that Animas has given me.  And
>Animas is the kind of company I really want to support, with their
>reputation for great company service

  As an Animas user with the palm pilot I wanted to tell you not to expect too
much of the palm software. I used it a little bit in the beginning (was able to
create my own "carb book" for cafeteria menu items) but it is not user friendly
 for nontechno people to use regularly. I still record all of my bgs and boluses
on paper. The Animas rep and CDE pump trainer both admitted to me that they
don't use the palm very much. That must say some thing. I guess the only problem
with it
 was that you have to tap through so many menus to do any thing that it is
inconvenient to do regularly. I still really like my Animas pump though, it has
been real reliable (which means more to me than how fast it can be replaced).
Some times I
wish I had those cozmo features though.
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