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[IP] 6mm sofsets (or other 6mm sets)

I seem to be stuck with using sofsets, at least for the moment.  (I 
don't itch with them, yet, anyway <gr.>, like I have been doing for the 
last couple months with the comforts/sil/tenders, ultraflex, and Rapids 
-- the local MM clinical nurse tells me the cannula actually has a 
different composition than the above cannula sets or the quicksets, so 
that might explain everything but my reaction to the Rapids <gr.>.)

Anyway, I find the 9mm cannula very uncomfortable.  I inserted a 6mm 
cannula yesterday, and it was much more comfortable.  Unfortunately, it 
has also stopped working, presumably sometime before or during my lunch 
bolus, and I am now unhappily getting myself down from a high of 400, 
with a new uncomfortable 9mm set now inserted.  The 6 mm set did not 
appear to have pulled out, but it definitely was not working (new 
boluses had no effect), so I am wondering what happened.  I know my CDE 
told me to use the longer ones -- maybe I am just being too suggestible 
<gr.>?  Has anyone else had this problem?

Linda Z
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