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RE: [IP] dtron recall/got my dtron plus

"Faith" <email @ redacted> wrote:
> I received my dtron plus yesterday and have it up and running this
> morning.

They must have sent out a bunch at once -- exactly the same story here.

> I am pleased to have the latest technology from disetronic but dismayed
> and upset at the ugly ugly color this thing is and that there are no
> options for other colors.  I am assuming that businessmen like this
> ugly dark green globby color because it fits in on their business suits
> well but i hate hate hate this color and am not sure where to wear my
> pump now that it is ugly.

Hehe.  While I agree that I'm disappointed we didn't get a choice of colors
(my DTron was the bright blue), I don't dislike this color.  And I'm most
definitely not the "businessmen" type -- I'm a software developer, tshirt
and jeans...  (Just ask Sara ;-) )  To be honest, the pump color ends up not
mattering to me at all, since I keep the pump in a black Clip-N-Go most of
the time.

I definitely like the DTron Plus, though.  The interface is what we're used
to from the DTron, with subtle but very nice improvements.  I don't have to
look at OR hear it at all for everyday use thanks to the molded button
protectors on the face and increased tactile feedback.  Even a regular bolus
can be done completely by feel now with full confidence, something I
couldn't quite accomplish on the DTron (if it was a noisy environment and I
couldn't hearing the beeps as I was pressing the button, I would need to
wait to feel the confirmation vibrations before I knew it was the right
bolus.  Now one can feel the pump confirm each button press *while*
programming the bolus -- nice...)

I'm quite happy with how DTron handled this.  The only possible exception is
DTron users are apparently getting one DTron Plus, whereas someone
purchasing a DTron Plus would be getting a backup.  If the DTron Plus kit
sells for the same price (give or take) that my insurance paid for the
DTron, then I feel we should be getting two.  If, however, the DTron Plus
kit is significantly more expensive than the DTron was, then the one-for-one
is a fair trade.

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