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[IP] Update on our pumping experience

We have bought the Pumping insulin book and another book on pumping.
Bought both through the links on this board. We are just not comfortable
enough yet to make many changes on our own. Her Endo is very good about
callling her and changing the basals. I fax him her logs for the period
and he usually calls her in a short time. After he thinks he has them
set, then we might try fine tuning on our own. I have to say I am
surprised how much you can learn from the books though. We have been able
to figure out what has caused most of the highs and lows she has
experienced ( like the UNUSED INSULIN RULE), Let me tell you, when all
that insulin hits, you had better be hungry. 
Today is her first day back at work since starting the pump. I called her
a while ago and she said things were going ok. I kind of worried about
her because nurses are so busy on cardiac floors. I was afraid all the
activity and stress would cause her to go low.

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