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[IP] Paradigm Energizer Max battery life - update...

I had posted awhile ago regarding extremely short battery life with
brand new Energizer Max batteries:

"I've had a Paradigm for 7 months now.  Until recently I was about to
get 3 to 4 weeks out of a single Energizer Max battery.  Lately, though,
this has changed.  I'm unable to get more than 4 days out of a battery.
I don't use vibrate mode and I don't use (and have never enabled) the
remote.  I've verified this.  I also have not changed my use patterns -
using it just like I did in my first 6 months.  (Using same amount of
insulin and occasionally use the backlight.)"

Well, this continued until about 3 weeks ago.  I tried, instead, a
Duracell Ultra battery.  And wouldn't you know, I got a little less than
3 weeks out of it.  Much better.

When I replaced that one, I tried yet one more brand new Energizer Max
batter.  Guess what?  Died in two days.

To me, the big issue here is that the Max batteries performed better
than expected until the end of last year.  All new packs (use-by-date
2009,btw) bought since then have had extremely short battery life.  Why?
That's what I'd like to find out.

A call to Energizer asking for assistance yielded nothing except a
coupon to buy more batteries.  When I contacted Minimed, they said
they'd make a note of my experience.

I'd actually had hoped somebody from either company would explore my
paticular case in a bit more detail.  I have a handful of unused Max
batteries that could be used to help determine what the problem could

Anyway, I guess I'm switching from the Minimed recommended batteries to
Duracell Ultras now.

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