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Re: [IP] Question - BUT - it's OT OT OT!!!

At 12:30 PM 4/5/03, you wrote:
>When I went to Tom Beatson's 60th DM anny party in January, on the way home
>looking out the plane window I saw HUGE circles (not crop circles) that were
>black and some were dirt colored. I saw no roads or buildings, but miles and
>miles of these humongous circles. I asked the flight attendant what they
>were. She asked the navigator who said they are irrigation ditches. Well, I
>did a google on that and that is NOT what I saw. This is bothering me - a
>hick from Indiana (Hoosier). Can someone tell me what they are - offline to
>not tie up the list? email @ redacted  I think it was over Oklahoma.
>Janduh (~_^)

I saw the same thing when I flew out to Phoenix for Fran's party.  I 
thought I was over New Mexico at the time, then again, maybe not.  I also 
did not find out what they are.

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