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[IPn] Insulin Pumpers Canada

I'd like to introduce Insulin Pumpers Canada to everyone and announce 
the opening of their web site.


You will find a link at the top left of the Insulin Pumpers HOME page 
as well.

Darrin Parker <email @ redacted>
is their webmaster and 
Barbe Chafe "Barb and Duck" <email @ redacted>
is the chair person for IP-CA

I have to say that Barbe is much to modest about her accomplishments 
so far. From just a few years ago when her daughter was the ONLY 
pediatric pumper in their physician's practice, there are now scores 
of kids. That was after MUCH arm twisting on her part to even get 
her daughter on the pump. Her grass roots organizing has resulted in 
a LOCAL pump support group with hundreds of members that has now 
spread nationwide. She and her daughter Erica have appeared on 
national TV, newspaper articles and talk show interviews about 
diabetes. Through her efforts with the help of her many "followers" 
or should I say converts, hundreds, perhaps thousands of people now 
can lead a better more productive life.

My congratulations to Barbe, Darrin and all the Canadian members on 
the launch of http://www.insulin-pumpers.ca

Michael Robinton
Executive Director
Insulin Pumpers
558 Valley Way
Milpitas, CA 95035
Tel: 408 942-7300
fax: 408 942-7321
email @ redacted
For mail list removal contact
website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org