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Re: [IP] IV prep

> I have been using Smith & Nephew's IV Prep for the 2 years that Claire has
> been pumping.  It has now been on back-order in Canada for almost 6 weeks
> my supply is gone.  I can get Smith & Nephew's Skin Prep at the pharmacy.
> Has anyone used both and found that the Skin Prep is a good substitute?
> any other good recommendations for a substitute?

Skin Prep is what I PREFER to use.  I've tried both, and I find I get my
infusion set to stick much better with Skin Prep than with IV Prep.

If you get some and find you don't like it, email me.  If I keep this
Animas, they sent me a big box of IV prep that I won't be using.  Maybe we
could exchange addresses and trade what we've got!  (That's not necessary,
but is a thought.)

Hope it works for you.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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