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Re: [IP] Re: The pumps, my earlier rant, and insurance (long again)

> My concern would be that by 2 hrs. I would forget that it's going to
> *remind* me (in what form???) and I would be in a meeting or church, etc.
> and it would be disruptive.

The reminder comes in words, something like, "It has been two hours since
your last bolus or site change," so there wouldn't be much question what it
is for.

I know my ears don't work the best, but I've noticed with my 507 that other
people often don't even notice when my pump is alarming.  I can remember
having the siren type alarm that happens when it is ignored go off, and
being amazed at how few people even noticed it.  Obviously, in places like
church that are kept pretty quiet, it would would likely get noticed, but I
guess I don't worry too much if I resolve it quickly.  There are lots of
things that beep -- like a pager for someone who is "on call" for work.

The Cozmo has both options, vibrate and beep, and the beep volume can be

> If it's audible, that would be disruptive. Is it
> something that could be turned off since it wouldn't always be conducive
> a situation. What if someone were in court, etc.?????? (it does happen)

Of course you *can* turn it off, but it isn't very convenient, so it isn't
something you'd want to do on a routine basis.  I think the idea could use
some tweaking, like being able to set it so that it *never* alarms like that
based on time of day, and so that it would be possible to set it not to go
off *this* time, without turning it off forever.

One other little irritant with the set up -- I wish the default option with
the correction bolus that is in with the meal bolus option were set at "no."
I'd like it to *be* there, but require me to press an arrow button to
activate it, and not have to press one to say it isn't necessary.

> >>>And, if you are still reading about all of my troubles, now you get the
> really, really bad news.  My husband's employer is changing insurance
> in June (this will be the third time during my pump shopping endeavor).
> There is a cap on DME supplies of $2500. >>>
> That's where we are not - but a $2,000.00 cap. Bluda Sue is out of
> now and I hope if the employer (I'm on COBRA 'til 11/04) changes ins. co's
> again it will be better. Usually it isn't - it's worse with higher

I'm not quite sure what we are going to do if this can't be changed.  How do
you get your supplies with a $2000 cap?

I always said I'd only go off the pump if insurance wouldn't pay for it.  As
time has passed, I considered that more and more unlikely, because it has
really become a much more standard form of care.

But here the occasion presents itself, and, well, I guess I'm human.  Just
because insurance has this stupid cap on it doesn't make me *want* to go
back to injections.  I keep trying to figure out what I can do to stay on it
with bad insurance.  I figure I've got a little time to come up with a plan.
Since the change occurs June 1, I will likely be able to squeak by through
the end of this calendar year.  Hopefully by then, I'll come up with some
plan to handle it.

Most especially, I'd like to see the employer realize that this isn't good
and go to bat for us over it.  But I'm not holding my breath on that count.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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