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Re: [IP] IV prep

The last time I asked for IV Prep the insurance company would only let them
send me the skin prep.   It seems to be o.k. But it really smells like
alcohol and is not quite as sticky as the IV Prep.  The skin prep does not
have the Triclosan in it. Which is the Antiseptic in the IV Prep (I assume
as it is the only ingredient not in the skin prep,  That and the Purified
Water).  They do work I just don't like the strong alcohol smell.

Hope that this information helps.

> I have been using Smith & Nephew's IV Prep for the 2 years that Claire has
> been pumping.  It has now been on back-order in Canada for almost 6 weeks and
> my supply is gone.  I can get Smith & Nephew's Skin Prep at the pharmacy.
> Has anyone used both and found that the Skin Prep is a good substitute?  Or
> any other good recommendations for a substitute?  
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