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Re: [IP] DST Change and Quarterly Lancet Change Reminder

Subject: [IP] DST Change and Quarterly Lancet Change Reminder

> Tonight is the night when we set our pump clocks Forward one hour. 
> This is usually just a change in the clock and requires no change in 
> basal programming (YMMV).  Also it is a good idea to check the 
> batteries in your smoke alarms and replace them no matter.  While we 
> are on these "reminders", as keeper of the IP Time Clock, I will 
> remind you that this weekend you are due for your Quarterly Lancet 
> Change.  So go ahead and put a new lancet in, no matter if it isn't 
> quite dull.   You might be surprised at how sharp a new one will be! 
> ;>)
> George
How come so frequent? Thought it was only semi-annually.

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