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[IP] dtron recall/got my dtron plus

Hi everyone,
I received my dtron plus yesterday and have it up and running this
I am pleased to have the latest technology from disetronic but dismayed
and upset
at the ugly ugly color this thing is and that there are no options for
other colors.
I am assuming that businessmen like this ugly dark green globby color
because it
fits in on their business suits well but i hate hate hate this color and
am not sure
where to wear my pump now that it is ugly.
I was wearing it on a jeans pocket where anyone could see it, but this
is too ugly to be seen.
I'm repeating myself, just to upset about no choices in this.
I have to change my name for the pump,
no way is this thing going to be Sweetie Pie, it is too too *&@XXX ugly.

glad and sad that it is here,

Faith,missing her SweetiePie, the mighty blue d-tron
pumping with the dtron plus today
 type 1 diabetic 21+ years and glad to be here
pumping since 08-00
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