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[IP] Update on our pumping experience

Just wanted to post an update to all the wonderfull people on this board.
We have now been pumpin for 1 1/2 weeks. Things are still kind of shaky
at times, but we seem to be getting better at figuring out what went
wrong. The Dr. changed basal rate again on Thursday. She had been gonig
low at 5 AM or so every day, so now he has her running 4 different rates
in a 24 hour period. Our pump nurse also suggested she try chnging her
supper carb to insulin ratyio from 1/10 to 1/15 as she thought she was a
little low at bedtime. We did that last night for both supper and bedtime
snack and she was at 323 at 2 am. Bolused 3 and was 67 at 6. I think
eventually we will get it figured out, but what a difference a little
change can make.
Other than that things are going well. She is getting used to wearing the
pump and now is not so nervous about site change time or basal changes.
We havew found that in her pump a battery seems to only last 1 week, but
with using the light a lot and checking the pump often I guess that isn't
too bad. I told her we might just need to change the battery every other
site change and then it shouldn't be a problem. 

Thanks to all for all the advice and encouragement.

Bill and Ute French 

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