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[IP] Shelley's email & vent

hi shelly,
thanks for chiming in. i think you summed it up perfectly.-"This disease
defies explanation."
oh, and i did get my latest a1c yesterday. 9.4!!!
you throw in the towel, i'm throwing this pump. anyone want a used mm508?
this is too much work for a 9.4!!!!! although i do have to admit for me with
shots i had even worse control. (if you can call this "control" at all).

"I just live through one number & then go on to the next. It's the best I can
i guess that's the best advice anyone can give...

does anyone keep track of the number of people who it seems like nothing works
or do docs just give us some label?

good luck with your son!! i'm glad he has a mom who understands and someone
who can help.

leann marcucci
dx'd 8/00
pumping 9/00
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