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You are doing what has to be done with this thing we call diabetes. It took
me soooooo long to find a doctor who understood that EVERY diabetic is
different and my body would not(but sometimes would) react as the books  say
it is supposed to react to certain situations. Diabetes is and will be
Josh's life until we see the cure, honestly as a diabetic myself, its not
that bad if you compare some of the alternative bad diagnoses. Yes, it sucks
and yes it is VERY frustrating, but we can manage it and live productive
Another point to remember, now I am not sure where I read it, but I did read
this. They are saying that the high numbers we see in adolescence and
childhood apparently DO NOT contribute to later complications. I don't take
this to mean just let it slide, but I do take it to mean parents can relax
if the b/s numbers are not perfect, life isn't perfect, neither is
controlling this complication.
You are a GREAT mom!!!Josh is very lucky to have you on his side!!
Tami in Tucson

We treat him one number at a time, one day at a time. What works for him,
doesn't work for another. What works once, doesn't work the next. I'm
I just live through one number & then go on to the next. It's the best I can
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