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[IP] OT: Another good thing brought to me by the pump

  I know this is a little OT but I wanted to share the good news with every one
that I was accepted for my summer internship. I'm really excited. I have been in
college for several years now and have really been wanting to do an internship
but my
 unpredictable health and diabetes always stood in the way. Last summer I got my
pump, and since then I have been doing alot of things that I kept putting off
because I couldn't. It is amazing how much more you feel you can count on
yourself, when
 you can count on your body. I'm going to spend my summer at the Woods Hole
Marine Biological Lab analyzing videos of cuttlefish behavior. I think they
accepted me because I told them about my high tolerance of tedium (I think D may
 patience). I'm also going to do animal care, which means feeding fish, and
sharks, and sea squirts, and squid etc. Another plus is I get to live at home
and commute. I'm so excited. I've waited so many years for this, and it could
never have
happened with out my pump. :) :) :) :)
-who just finished alot of midterms
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