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Re: [IP] RE: unexpected highs/rapid drops

> From: email @ redacted
> There are lots of reasons why one might get a headache without DKA. 
> Fluid shifts suggest vascular leakage, and this seems rather 
> unlikely.   I'm wondering if you know of any reference that 
> demonstrates this might be due to fluid shifts in the brain.
> - -wayne

I checked a reference from the ADA, in Therapy for Diabetes Mellitus and 
Related Disorders, 3rd edition, and Medical Management of Type 1 Diabetes.

I did extensive research on this topic while working in the clinical area (in 
a teaching hospital) and setting up nursing protocols for DKA management. 

The topic came up here in relation to rapidly lowering an elevated BG at 
approximately 300 mg/dl. It isn't advisable to drop a BG faster than 50 - 75 
mg/dl per hour in any setting.

Please disregard any previous comments on the subject, for now. I do not 
currently have a medical library at my disposal to site a more specific 
reference for you.  I'll refrain from posting about the subject until I can 
locate my sources. :<)

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