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RE: [IP] Re: To answer your questions

>From this response it sounds to me like you are going to do what you want to
do no matter what anyone says.  Heck you won't even listen to your doctor.
The people on this list answered and discussed your issue EXACTLY like you
asked them to.  It sounds like you have read alot about D and that you have
many years of wisdom working for you.  I have had D for 5 years now and I
could have recognized your Hypo-unaware years ago.

It is true that if you were in a wreck and had a BG that low that you could
be convicted of DUI (driving under the infulence of Insulin....it actually

I would tend to think that your "feelings" shouldn't override years of
research and professional medical advice.  Yes, care should be indivdualized
for everyone but the physical limitations fo the human body only go so far.

I am sorry that this e-mail sounds a bit inflamatory but if you didn't want
our opinions then you shouldn't have asked.

(dx'd 1999 pumping with Ayasha the Cozmo since 2/24/03)

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Well people, I have to admit, I did not expect the reply to my note that I
got. Let me try and explain and answer your many questions. First, my A1C is
at 6 right now. I have a brand new bg meter that I use as a backup, on
several occassions, I have used both and have been given pretty much the
figures, Perhaps +/-  2 points.
So, what you all seem to be telling me, that seeing as I don't follow the
"medical books discription of having diabetes", I am wrong? I am a misfit?
When I was a small child, (by the way I have had diabetes for well over 40
years) anyway, when I was little, the way my parents knew I was in a shock
was that I would hiccup. I did not see double, my hands did not tingle, nor
was there any other sympton that my parents could or would ever see, my
speech was never slurred. It was just the way I was. So, right here, this
makes me different hu? Being that I keep myself low, I am more aware.  My
body is use to how I have trained it. Granted, being low does not work for
everyone, but it does me.  I can tell when I get too low. And I do take
precautions to not have that happen very often. When I say I fall apart when
I hit 160, I was refering from a range of 100 on up....Yes, I have tried
keeping myself at 80 or 90, but I can definetely feel the difference in
myself. And I  can't say that I don't really like the way I feel. I hope
answers some of the questions put to me.
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