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Re: [IP] One Touch Ultra Rebates?

> Just wondering if there's a limit as to how many One Touch Ultra rebates
> one can redeem.  I read the coupon and didn't see a limit, although I
> somehow remember 2 per year.  Am I confusing them with Accu-Chek?
> If it is 2/year, is that per calendar year?
> Anita

I just bought two as (at least here in Texas) Walgreen's is selling them for
$19.99 (this month only), with an advertised rebate of $30 and/or a trade in
allowance of $30 (so even at retail it's free). But after opening the first
one, I read the "rules", which say only one rebate per person per address &
you have to send in the original receipt. So, I will probably take one back
and wait for a deal on the new UltraSmart model.

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