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[IP] Re: Morning Highs before breakfast

I am in your boat, Laurel.  I go to bed with a near perfect BG only to wake 
up with an over 200.  Haven't quite figured out why yet.  I am one of those 
who cannot stay in control even with my pump.  A lot of the times it is my 
own fault, under bolusing for casseroles type foods or restaurant foods.  I 
have been having unexplained lows at work the last 3 days.  I went in today 
at 188 but did not do a correction bolus.  Two hours later I was scarfing 
down glucose tabs--5 of them.  I still felt funny so I ate a pack of peanut 
butter crackers.  I was only 87 when I left work 2 hours after eating the 
crackers.  Sort of scarey as I work in a daycare caring for babies!  Good 
thing I have another worker in there with me.

Debbie and Maggie IP
dx 3/63
pumping 3/00
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