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[IP] Re: To answer your questions

email @ redacted  wrote:

>Well people, I have to admit, I did not expect the reply to my note that I 
>got. Let me try and explain and answer your many questions. First, my A1C 
>is at 6 right now. I have a brand new bg meter that I use as a backup, on 
>several occassions, I have used both and have been given pretty much the 
>same figures, Perhaps +/- 2 points.

I'm surprised.  My last A1c was 5.3 and I'm no where near 48 all the 
time.  My goal, and what I aim for is 100, most of the time when I check 
I'm very close to that number.  I'm also wondering if your meter is 
off.  An A1c of 6.0 is somewhere around an average bg of 136, so I'm having 
a hard time believing that you could be in the 40s all the time and have an 
A1c of 6.0.  If your average bgs were around 40-something, your A1c would 
be less than 4.0.

dxd 1963, pumping 2000
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