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[IP] morning highs BEFORE breakfast

Hi!  I also had this problem for years.  I was on mdi's for  18 years and 
always with H1ac's of around 6, but always woke up in the 200-280 range.  I 
started pumping with a paradigm in Nov. 02.  The first thing I did regarding 
this problem was to fine tune my overnight basels.  What I discovered was 
that even with the correct overnight basels I very often would wake up high.  
After much testing I determined it was my dinner food which was causing the 
highs in the am.
This was almost all the time, didn't matter if I had salmon or pizza for 
dinner.  My bs 2to 3 hours after dinner would be within normal range and then 
shoot up
around midnight.  What I started doing is taking a square wave bolus every 
night after dinner.  I take my normal calculated dose as a normal bolus and 
then after
I am finished with dinner I put in a square wave bolus for 3-4 or so hours 
until around 1am.  The amount varies depending on how full I am and how much 
food I consumed at dinner, but usually it is only 1-2 units.  I also chew gum 
after dinner as it creates saliva which helps expedite digestion.  With this 
program I have been waking up every morning with bs of 80-100.  What a 
difference it has made in my feeling of well being!  Hope it helps with you!
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