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[IP] One Touch Ultra Rebates?

Hi everyone,

Just wondering if there's a limit as to how many One Touch Ultra rebates
one can redeem.  I read the coupon and didn't see a limit, although I
somehow remember 2 per year.  Am I confusing them with Accu-Chek?

If it is 2/year, is that per calendar year?  

Should I say the heck with it and send the rebate to my parents?

I really need one primary meter, one to keep by my bed (so I don't have
to bring the primary one up and down the stairs, and not be able to find
it when I need it) and a purse meter.  

On another note, I got the dreaded E21 alarm last night, and am expecting
Paradigm #3 to arrive in about half an hour.  I had a good experience
with MM customer service (assuming I get the pump when they said I
would!) but wish I didn't have these problems!!!


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