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Re: [IP] The pumps, my earlier rant, and insurance (long again) - Cozmo trial

Kristen, please keep us advised of how your Cozmo trial is going, especially
how you like the reminders.  I bolus for meals like you do, eating in
parts.  I'm still waiting to do a Cozmo trial.  I've been waiting since
Jan for the local rep to get a pump for me to try.  Everything is all
set with the insurance and the doctor, just need to do the home trial. I
am very interested to see what your thoughts are on these features and
how you like them after trying them for a few days.

Judi in MI
email @ redacted
> 'll eat part of the meal, and
> a little bit later decide to eat a little more.  I want to check two hours
> after I eat the last part, and not two hours after the first bolus for the
> meal or two hours after EVERY bolus.  The reminder comes two hours after the
> last bolus.  That's good.

> Now, I've just got to see how well I actually like those reminders, because
 > > that is something you don't really know until you've done it for a few
> > I also plan to do some checking early occasionally, too, just to see how
> > well it does in reminding me about the insulin I have still working. 
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