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[IP] The pumps, my earlier rant, and insurance (long again)

> Kristen, Hope you get your pump(s) today.

Well, thanks, Sue!  I was just reading and it didn't occur to me that maybe
somebody might like to know about that!

I got my new Animas delivered Wednesday, actually.  It was so tempting to
haul everything out, but my insurance doesn't preapprove these things, so
I'm waiting for them to agree to finance it first.  I have opened the box,
but not the little boxes with the pump inside or the palm.  I've just looked
at the closed boxes.

(I know I could still return it as much as thirty days after *starting* the
insulin in it, but I think it would be easier to go about if I didn't open
it all up, and then have to try to fit it all and safely for shipping.)

Then, Thursday afternoon, the Logimedix rep brought one by.  Actually, I
almost felt bad about taking it.  She is a diabetic herself, on MDI, and has
now purchased her first pump.  She's made it the Cozmo.  She hasn't started
it yet because she hasn't been able to get into her endo to get everything
started, so she loaned it to me!  They want me to have that trial ASAP, but
loaning me her own pump?  Honestly, I don't know if I would have done that,
had I been in her shoes!

And so, I am using it, started shortly after she left early in the evening.
I have had one weird thing happen.  I thought I took a bolus a while back; I
was certain that I had.  I even remember plugging in the 47 carbs.  It
didn't show up that I had taken it, though.  I wondered if there were
something wrong with the pump, forgetting boluses that had been delivered.

Then I checked my blood sugar a while later.  325.  Oops.  I guess my memory
wasn't better than the pump's, after all.  Wish I could send my brain in for
repairs or a software upgrade!  I still don't understand how I remembered
it, though, if it didn't happen.  Maybe I'm losing it!

My interest in the Cozmo is more due to the reminders than the dose
figuring.  I want the reminders to check my bs two hours later and change my
sites.  But I am using the carb grams feature and letting it figure
correction boluses.  I didn't expect to like it this much.  I've got an EASY
carb to insulin ratio, so sometimes I just figure it in my head, but it is
nice not to HAVE to.

I also like the way it reminds you to check -- two hours after the *last*
bolus, and not after the first.  I tend to split my doses up especially at
lunch time, but sometimes other times, too.  I'll eat part of the meal, and
a little bit later decide to eat a little more.  I want to check two hours
after I eat the last part, and not two hours after the first bolus for the
meal or two hours after EVERY bolus.  The reminder comes two hours after the
last bolus.  That's good.

Now, I've just got to see how well I actually like those reminders, because
that is something you don't really know until you've done it for a few days.
I also plan to do some checking early occasionally, too, just to see how
well it does in reminding me about the insulin I have still working.  That
is the one thing I have trouble figuring, sometimes, again because of the
way I bolus.

About my venting earlier, over my doctor's office's devotion to MM above all
others -- I decided to do something constructive with that frustration, so I
wrote a letter to my endo about it.  I think she is the most likely of all
of them (two endos and two CDE's that work with pumps) to be open to what I
have to say.  We shall see if that ever gets any results.

And, if you are still reading about all of my troubles, now you get the
really, really bad news.  My husband's employer is changing insurance AGAIN
in June (this will be the third time during my pump shopping endeavor).
There is a cap on DME supplies of $2500.  My pump will, unless insurance
rejects it, be purchased by then, I assure you!  The problem is that $2500
won't even cover the supplies for a year.

I could start ordering directly from the pump company to save some money,
and also move my strips to my pharmacy coverage and away from DME, but I
doubt that will be enough to reduce the costs all the way down to $2500.  My
current DME supplier says that I'm spending about $380 a month, or
approximately $4500 a year.  Where is all the money going to come from??
Hope they change again before too long, and that the change is for the

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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