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[IP] Re: unexpected highs/rapid drops

> <<Barbara, what are these "fluid shifts in the brain" and are they
> something that only happen during treatment of DKA?  I've never heard of
> this before and just wondered if you could explain it, in layman's terms,
> please.>>

I will leave it to Barbara B. to put this fluid shift into layman's terms.  
But you can read about it in medical terms in any description of treating 
DKA.  My 8 year old drops extremely fast from correction boluses (most of the 
time) and knowing that this was a problem in DKA, I specifically asked an 
Endo whether it was a problem when bgs were quite high but not DKA.  Endo 
said that a rapid drop was not a problem at all, at least not for my child.  

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8
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