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[IP] breakfast highs


 I read the post about insulin not working quickly for breakfast and I'm having
a similar problem. I'm wondering if I'm missing something here: My basil is
correct since my BS stays normal when fasting (106 to 91 for example on
yesterday's basil test). However, when I add breakfast, I shoot up 100+ points
in 45 minutes and then drop back down to normal. I can't increase my bolus ratio
since I find I get low about 3 hours later if I try to do that. Am I missing
something? Is is just that I eat high GI foods in the morning? I've tried all
different foods and I still have the same effect, although the only protein I
generally get is either with yogart or milk. But even when I eat just yogart or
just oatmeal the same thing occurs even though I don't think either has a high
GI. Would instant vs. normal oatmeal make a difference with GI? Thanks for any
help, I'm sure I'm just missing something when analyzing this problem.


Subject: [IP] Re:Re

>> I find occasionally (particularly in the morning) that the insulin 
>> from
>> the breakfast bolus just doesn't get working very quickly.
> Changing insulin/carb ratio often works.
> I sometimes use a 1:5 insulin:carb ratio for breakfast, esp if there 
> is fat
> in it.  Linda K

>>>One question to consider is what happens when you skip breakfast 
altogether?  Do you see a rise in BG levels during those morning hours, 
and then a drop later?  That would indicate a basal rate problem.  You 
probably need to elevate your basal rate about 2 hours (roughly) BEFORE 
you would normally wake up and then reduce it back about 2 hours before 
you would see the drop.  Once you can have normal (relatively stable) 
BG levels without breakfast in this way, you will probably find that 
your insulin/carb ratio for breakfast is the same as the rest of the 

But, as the saying goes here...YMMV!  :-)


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