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[IP] RE: Palm Software

> So is there a link to this web site?
> And how much is a cheap Palm going for nowadays?


You can get a Palm Zire for $99. But, I would recommend you get a Sony Clie,
which start around the $150 range.  The Sony Clie line of PalmOS PDAs are
rated the best.  I have one myself and love it.

If, however, you ever want to try the "Tracker", you would have to get a
Handspring.  Personally, I wouldn't since there are a LOT of quality issues
with the Handspring.  But, if you want the Tracker, you have no choice.

You can get about the lowest price on the PDAs at Target nowadays.  The
SL-10 or SL-20 are the low-end Sony Clie's, but there is a high-resolution
color Clie called the SL-33 I think that is $199.

The Palm branded PDAs are the next best in quality, but the Zire, though
cheap at $99, doesn't offer much opportunity for upgrades, so I wouldn't
recommend it.

Right now, on Sony's website, you can get some great deals on clearanced
refurbished PDAs.  I have a coworker who bought a refurbed one, and it is in
great condition.  For example, an SL10 with high-resolution display is only
$99.  There is a full-color hires one for $199.  But, they only have what is
left...once they are gone, you can't get them anymore because they've
replaced them with newer models.  (That is inevitable...I've only had mine
for 9 months, and it is already 3-generations old.)

Hope this helps.  :-)

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