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Re: [IP] Morning highs BEFORE breakfast

I have the same problem.  My blood sugars start to spike when I go go to sleep
and peak about 1am.   Testing, testing, and more testing, then adjusting
adjusting basals, and more adjusting basals.  This is of course followed by
testing, testing, and more testing.

It turns out that my insulin needs go up by about 50% during the first 3-4
that I'm asleep, then drop of drastically from there.   The only way to figure
this out was to test at various points during the night and see what was 
happening when.

It's not easy, but eventually you figure it out.


--- Just us <email @ redacted> wrote:

> I am pretty desperate for any insights that will help me correct this
> problem, especially since I've been having a chronic yeast infection, which
> no treatment has so far eradicated--and I'm sure the yeast thing is so
> persistent because of the pre-morning and morning highs.
> I searched the archives, but every message I found dealt with morning highs
> that occurred AFTER breakfast.
> Any help would be very much appreciated.
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