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[IP] Morning highs BEFORE breakfast

Hi, Folks:

I have always had a problem with recurring periods of persistent morning
(wake-up) highs.  At various times throughout my diabetic career, I have
documented both Somogyi and Dawn Phenom, but when I run into one of those
times, I am never sure which it is.

I'm struggling with this now.  I'll go to bed with great sugars (110 to
150), but then get up almost every day (on workdays, that is about 5:30 am)
with at least a 250, but frequently higher.  I have been getting up at
various times throughout the night, but have not been able to catch any lows
so far.  One night, I was 295 by 1 am!  My endo thinks I need more insulin,
but I am not so sure, having been in several situations where it turned out
I was actually over-insulinized.

This last round of morning highs started (sort of) when I switched to the
Paradigm.  I don't think it is the pump itself, but I also switched from
Sils to Quick-Sets, and I think my absorption is much better with the

I am pretty desperate for any insights that will help me correct this
problem, especially since I've been having a chronic yeast infection, which
no treatment has so far eradicated--and I'm sure the yeast thing is so
persistent because of the pre-morning and morning highs.

I searched the archives, but every message I found dealt with morning highs
that occurred AFTER breakfast.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Laurel Sedgwick

email @ redacted
DXed 12/'74, pumping since 1998, currently with MM Paradigm
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