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RE: [IP] Having a low is it bolus or basal related?

I find that for me, I get the most bang out of my (novolog)correction bolus 
between 3-4 hours after the bolus. That said, I would suggest doing a 
fasting basal test for the morning - i.e. find a morning when your blood 
sugar is normal, and you have not given any correction boluses in at least 
4-5 hours, and not eat anything and see if you still go low. If you don't, 
then you've just eliminated basal as the cause. Then you could repeat the 
test when you have given that night correction, still not eat and see if you 
go low - that would eliminate(or confirm) the meal bolus as the cause.

I also find that for me, things are just wierd when I'm high in the morning. 
If I wake up above 200, I will go low mid-morning. I have to use a different 
correction ratio first thing in the morning, that is 1/4th of my normal 
ratio (normal =1:40, first thing in the morning = 1/160). Personally, I 
would try to get rid of the early-morning high as the first priority.

As always, YMMV.

Type 1 8 years, pumping 11 months with Buzz the MM Paradigm.

>Okay all - I've got a question for you. Every weekday morning I eat
>breakfast at 6:30 (1 1/2 cp cheerios w/skim milk and a grapefruit. I bolus
>6.5 units for this (1 to 10 ratio) at 2 hours after I am fine, but at 4
>hours after I am always low.
>Now, here's the other info I think you might need. At three am I am usually
>high (250 - 300) and I have been correcting at 1 unit to 30 - this usually
>works during the day if I have a high. Here are my questions?
>Could my correction bolus still be working 31/2 hours later? Could I then 
>adding to much insulin to the morning bolus which is then causing me to go
>low 4 hours later?
>Is it actually my basal rate that needs to be lowered at the time during
>work days? (I teach eleme music and I am usually up and moving during those
>Also, where would you start? I'm considering upping the 12am to 3am basal 
>see if that corrects the overnight high and then in turn makes my morning
>woes disappear - or should I try changing the carb ratio in the morning or
>accounting for what little of the correction bolus is left????
>Any advice is appreciated!
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