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RE [IP] Gettn' High... Goin' Low

I think the "4 hour rule" for Humalog absorption is yet another in a series 
of diabetic YMMVS (Your Mileage May Vary Substantially) situations.

I know for a fact (for me) after much repeated experimentation and testing 
that Humalog in my system lasts for a grand total of 90 minutes.  That's it. 
   If my BG is high after 2 hours, I don't factor any residual insulin at 
all into my correction dose.  And if I test one hour after eating, I only 
factor 1/3 of the original dose as residual insulin.

As a side effect of this weirdness, and the fact that I am a slow eater and 
a fast Humalog absorber, frequently I take my meal boluses as dual wave over 
30 minutes, regardless of the fat content.  Otherwise, if it is a high carb 
meal, I take all the Humalog up front, and then dawdle over my salad, I have 
had the humalog hit so fast that I've gone low during the meal because I 
haven't eaten the carbs fast enough !

Granted, in no way is my diabetes typical.  This is just yet another sign of 


>Date: Wed, 02 Apr 2003 08:01:44 -0800
>From: Sue K <email @ redacted>
>Subject: Re: RE [IP] Gettn' High... Goin' Low
>The thing is, is the way Humalog works, is it takes 4 hours. It doesn't
>absorb any faster (typically). I mean some people do absorb faster and you
>can cause a faster drop if you exercise, etc. but it's described in the
>specification that comes with Humalog.
>It doesn't work any faster unless you take an over dose of it. If you take
>enough to bring you to your desired goal in one hour, you are going to have
>3 more hours of unabsorbed insulin in your system to deal with. That really
>makes for a roller coaster affect.

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