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[IP] RE: Is There Anyone Else Like This

After just spending 7 weeks in a hospital ICU for low blood sugars
before surgery to remove my pancreas. I got quite use to being below 50
and it is not healthy to be there. But it was not a great feeling if my
blood sugar made it up over 110 and it took some time to feel normal
again at 75-100 where I am use to having it. After about 3-4 day of my
blood sugar being low I lost all awareness of anything below a 25. If I
was an asleep when it drop that low until the nurses bloused large
amounts of 50% dextrose I was not conscious. If I was awake I would lose
consciousness. Your brain is not getting the glucose it needs. I have
noticed problems remembering things and had temporary problems with my
vision. Almost two months after the surgery and I am just starting to
feel like me and have the blood sugars in the 90-110 range. Two days ago
I felt my first low and it had to drop to 30 for me to feel it.

My last a1c was 4.1 because of the lows when it is usually 5.3-5.6. My
endo doesn't like it under 5.5 unless I was pregnancy or trying to
become pregnant.

Gail Donohue
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