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Re: [IP] Having a low is it bolus or basal related?

OK, here are my humble thought on this ;), first the 3am high, I would
change the basil at 12am, increase a little at a time. The low  after
breakfast does not sound like it is directly related to this high, nor to
the breakfast bolus if it is 4 hrs later, I would decrease the basil approx
2 hrs before the low.
Hope this helps!
Tami in Tucson
> Okay all - I've got a question for you. Every weekday morning I eat
> breakfast at 6:30 (1 1/2 cp cheerios w/skim milk and a grapefruit. I bolus
> 6.5 units for this (1 to 10 ratio) at 2 hours after I am fine, but at 4
> hours after I am always low.
> Now, here's the other info I think you might need. At three am I am
> high (250 - 300) and I have been correcting at 1 unit to 30 - this usually
> works during the day if I have a high. Here are my questions?
> Could my correction bolus still be working 31/2 hours later? Could I then
> adding to much insulin to the morning bolus which is then causing me to go
> low 4 hours later?
> OR
> Is it actually my basal rate that needs to be lowered at the time during
> work days? (I teach eleme music and I am usually up and moving during
> hours.)
> Also, where would you start? I'm considering upping the 12am to 3am basal
> see if that corrects the overnight high and then in turn makes my morning
> woes disappear - or should I try changing the carb ratio in the morning or
> accounting for what little of the correction bolus is left????
> HELP!!!!!
> Any advice is appreciated!
> Amy
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