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[IP] Re: Unexpected Highs/Rapid Drops, I Give Up

sorry i haven't responded sooner, i just read the web pages. i was glad to see
your post, actually. the exact same thing happens to me, quite often. i think
by now all the obvious things like hand washing, site age, insulin, meter
sensitivity, etc has been gone over many times. 3 cdes and 2 docs have no clue
why it happens. the best theory anyone's come up with is that when you see the
300 it may be the "tail end" of hormones- i know i release alot on work days,
and you may be right, you take care of them while walking around so they only
show up while sitting. when you bolus for a 300, you're already on the way
down, so to speak, so you end up overbolusing. when i asked well, how am i
supposed to know, they said to watch for patterns in the morning. your answer
When I was on shots, I complained to the nurse practitioner that I could
>>eat the same thing 2 days in a row and one day be 200, the next I'd be at
>>50.  She said, "It's not what you eat.  It's the diabetes."  That's the
>>only explanation I have as to what could be causing it.
 is almost exactly what i was told. nothing anyone can do. i have 4 meters-
all 4 will register the 300.it's gotten to the point where i'm afraid to
correct for a high because i never know which ones are real. if it's a big
problem and no one seems to listen, my doc's office has an excel spreadsheet i
can send you. when you plug your numbers in, it somehow does a standard
deviation and a mean adverage as to how much you "swing" during the day or
just during that time.
 and i wanted to say i really hear you with this statement "I don't think so.
Those of
you who freak out over a 7 or 8 A1C ought to be in some of our shoes where we
just cant seem to put everything together and come up with any kind of
success.  I've been through three Endos, and two Educators and it isn't
getting any easier.
Sorry for the vent, but I am frustrated."

my last a1c was 8.4. the one before that 8.2. i'm supposed to find out my
latest one this week but by my numbers it's only going to be worse. my doc has
said that due to the swings, there really isn't anything else i can do better.
i can't get repeatable results.  i am so frustrated with those a1cs i could
just throw the pump out the window.

sorry i don't have any answers. besides getting some working islet cells....

leann marcucci
dx'd 8/00
pumping 9/00
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