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[IP] Re: Is there anyone else like this?

>>>In order for me to function, I have to be low, 48 is
ideal for me! If I soar and hit 160...I fall apart. I get sick to my
I get thirsty, and I get so tired!>>>

IMHO I think you have hypo-unawareness. What is your A1c? Is that # really
low as well?

>>> My Endo told me I was "wrong" about my
needing to be low. Does anyone else feel "better" being low? I get concerned
when I hit 32, then its glucose time. >>>

I'm trying to read this as to whether it is an emotional feeling or a true
physical feeling? Is it your emotions telling you it's glucose time seeing
that number? There are times when I test and am surprised it is low and
within a few minutes I am having symptoms which to me proves the test was
right - not the power of suggestion. ;-) I have been accused of yeah, you
saw it so you got the symptoms. grrrrrrrrr

>>>I do not pass out, I feel absolutely no different at 32 than I do at 48.

Still sounds like hypo-unawareness which can actually be dangerous like when
driving and the brain doesn't function correctly w/o glucose. It has been
recommended to raise the target BG level for a few weeks, then the awareness

>>>Am I incorrect to believe that every
diabetic does not and can not follow the standards laid out in medical
and that we are all completely different?>>>

But we all have ears, toes, mouths, butts, etc., as well as brains and it is
a scientific fact that all brains need glucose to function. That really
would not vary by person to person. I don't have a clue if you are male or
female and from past experience on this list I have been led to believe all
unknowns are female ;-) therefore, if your period is not functioning
correctly and not by the medical books, something is awry.

Match the A1c to these readings and if you are in a more acceptable range,
I'd think checking your meter for accuracy is in order. (~_^)

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